Chi Psi Fraternity at George Mason University

An organization devoted to molding individuals into Gentlemen in the Pursuit of Excellence. Founded at George Mason University in 2003.

About Us

Founded on May 20th, 1841, Chi Psi became the first Fraternity to be founded on the ideals of brotherhood and social connection. Throughout our history, these ideas have been exemplified through the words and actions of our brothers as we Pursue Excellence.

Our Core Values


With Brotherhood being one of our founding values, we have a high regard for the relationships cultivated within our organization. We believe in joining a group of like-minded Gentlemen and forming lifelong friendships that transcend the average relationship.


Within our organization we believe the professional connections available to our members are essential to their success post-graduation. Our Brothers have a wide network with connections in the workforce and through platforms such as LinkedIn to further connect our Alumni with active members.


Through our New Member process, we teach members how to be active and productive members of society while instilling the values of a true Gentleman. A Chi Psi Gentleman should be described as Genuine, Respectful, and Trustworthy.

Our Philanthropy

A unique element of the Chi Psi experience is that we have no National Philanthropy. Each Alpha of Chi Psi chooses which philanthropic cause or organization they want to support.

Chi Psi Fraternity at George Mason University supports Brain Aneurysm Research through the Travis Valentine fund. Travis Valentine was one of the founding brothers of our Alpha and tragically died from a brain aneurysm on February 14th, 2017 and we want to support a cause that we value in order to honor him.

Donate to the Travis Valentine Fund

Click the Donate button below to be forwarded to George Mason University’s page with more information on Brain Aneurysms and a direct link to donate to the fund.